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Alleviation Enterprise LLC

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Alleviating your financial burdens when the unexpected happens.


Our Story

Alleviation was founded on December 18th, 2017 as an independent sales company. We specialize in building strong salespeople and outside sales teams to market some of the best products in the insurance industry, and we've experienced phenomenal double-digit new sales growth every year since 2017.


Mitch McKinney, our president, began his career as a sales agent in 2017, and through a combination of hard work, determination, perseverance, and vision, he opened his own agency in 2023.

Our agents work and live in approximately twenty different states all across the country, and our headquarters is located in San Antonio, Texas.

Our Mission

“To better the lives of our agents, clients, and communities by protecting our assets and livelihoods, resulting in a more prosperous environment for all.”


"It's my responsibility."

We make and stick to a schedule and a plan.

We don't accept excuses from ourselves or each other.

We do what others won't, so we can have what others can't.

Our Values


"Progress, not perfection."

We improve daily in our work.

We improve daily outside of work.

We set goals that force us to grow, and we are accountable to the necessary activities.


"How can I help others?"

We serve our clients by being prepared and showing up whether we feel like it or not.

We serve each other by willingly giving our time, knowledge, and resources.

We pay it forward.

The Alleviation Team

Meet some of our Team Leaders below!


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Office Staff

Meet our office staff below!

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"Why would I need supplemental insurance?  I already have great health insurance through my job."

Most people don't think about what would happen to their finances if a spouse, parent, or child suddenly fell ill or was seriously injured.  (Because really, who wants to think about things like that happening to their loved ones?)

​But stop and think about it for a moment: what would happen if any member of your household were diagnosed with cancer, or suffered a heart attack or a serious accident and had to be hospitalized for days, weeks, or months?  How many extra bills would pile up that you would struggle to pay?  What if your family relies on two incomes and one of those incomes was gone because that person was too sick to work? What if you or another income earner had to quit working to take care of a sick child, partner, or parent?  Worse yet, what if you are a one-income household and the primary breadwinner is unable to work?


How long would it take before your money ran out?


Enter Alleviation.  The plans that we offer will provide you with financial peace of mind for the "what ifs" in life because there will always be a need for extra protection when the unexpected happens.

While primary health insurance policies pay your benefits out to doctors and hospitals, our policies pay claim funds out to you and your family directly.  Your benefits are paid in addition to all other insurance you may or may not own, and our policies have no lifetime limits.

​Because funds are paid directly to you, you can use the money however you see fit, whether it's managing high deductibles, paying for uncovered medical expenses, or replacing income lost from time off work.  In addition, your supplemental policies go wherever you do, even if you change jobs or relocate.

The best part? All of our policies offer a "Return of Premium" feature - meaning that if you keep your policy for the entire term, all of your premiums are returned to you at the end of that policy term, less any claims paid.  This makes our products an absolute win-win for our clients.  If something happens to you or a covered family member and you need to make a claim, we're there to give you money to help with your expenses; if you never have to make a claim, we're there at the end of your policy term to give you your money back! This unique policy feature really sets us above the competition in a big way. 


Karen D., Colorado

Claims Paid: $56,588

"Purchasing this cancer insurance policy was the smartest move I've ever made. My disability policy ran out long ago, yet my illness and treatments continue. These benefits have truly meant the difference between bankruptcy and survival. I tell everyone I can to look into these coverages."

Michelle H., Michigan

Claims Paid: $72,423

"My husband thought this insurance was unnecessary since I was active duty military and our Tricare covered everything. I saw it as a great way to get all of our money back if we never needed it, and it was cheap - less than a night out. I bought it without his agreement, and now he's forever grateful I did... we had to make an ICU claim when our twins were born over 3 months premature and were in the NICU for 85 days. I don't care how great your insurance is, everyone needs this."

Jesse J., Texas

Premiums Returned: $15,048

"I just got my refund of all my premiums paid after 11 years of owning my cancer and intensive care policies. Thankfully, I never had to file a claim on these policies. Now I have a check for $15,048 and still have my policies in place at about half of the original cost. What a great concept from a great company!"
Under Water


Consider a rewarding career as a Supplemental Health Insurance Specialist, playing a pivotal role in providing comprehensive coverage for critical illnesses like cancer, heart attacks/strokes, accidents, and ICU-related incidents. As a dedicated professional, you guide clients towards a secure future by emphasizing the importance of supplemental health insurance with policies that pay money directly to your client. These policies offer not only peace of mind but also a unique advantage – potential premium refunds if policies remain unused, providing an additional layer of financial reassurance.


In B2B prospecting, your role involves building personal connections through in-person cold-calling, engaging directly with businesses. You have the autonomy to shape your full time schedule in your assigned territory, showcasing effective communication, genuine interest in prospect needs, and the ability to present transformative products in a way that resonates. Beyond the sales pitch, you actively present our offerings as solutions, demonstrating their value to both groups and individuals. Your responsibilities extend beyond the initial sale, encompassing the development and maintenance of a personal book of business. As a trusted advisor, you provide ongoing assistance with claims and address inquiries, fostering lasting professional relationships in the process.


We're growing exponentially right now in 2024, so we're always on the lookout for motivated, confident, passionate, and self-driven people to join our team!  Contact us below to inquire about the positions and sales territories for which we're currently hiring!


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7700 Broadway St. Suite 104

San Antonio, TX 78209


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