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Mitch McKinney

Agency Owner, President of Alleviation

About Mitch

Hi! I was born in Idaho to Kyle and Eva McKinney and grew up all over the country as my father is a veteran. I enjoyed the outdoors, exploring, and hunting with my three brothers growing up, whether we were in the Mountains in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington or rattlesnake hunting in the deserts of Nevada. I now am blessed with my beautiful wife Regina, and three of the best children a father could ask for (Cadence, Jaxon, and Persias.) Prior to coming here, I played football into my mid twenties and worked in the Pool construction business, and I had never sold anything in my life prior. What brought me here was the opportunity to impact peoples lives and be the anchor to calm the ship when life’s storms inevitably arise (hence the logo.) A few of the reasons this will be the last thing I do professionally for the rest of my life is, this career allows me the earned flexibility to always be there for my family and not miss important events in their lives, to be able to travel and build memories that will last a lifetime, work with the best team in the entire country, and make an impact in the lives of my coworkers, and business partners and help them grow their businesses and become the best versions of themselves. 


Some professional accomplishments wrote a million dollars of insurance in my first 2 years, 25 Eagles in both year one and year two, (94 Eagles in total so far), Globe Life award winner. Number 3 agent out of over 16,000 in all of the nation in year one, top 5 best first year in the history of the company. Hit Market Director at month 9 and Regional Director at month 15, written 2.2 million dollars of insurance personally and prior to becoming Agency Owner team sales of 12 million.

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